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All skincare products at Leaf420 are infused with cannabinoids

All our products at Leaf420 are infused with cannabinoids

All our products at Leaf420 are infused with cannabinoids which feed into our bodies’ built-in natural receptor system. Our bodies then start performing its own miracles when fed with these ingredients. We can see the wonderful effects on our skin as the products are being applied topically (the oils does not enter the bloodstream).

Our skin is our biggest organ, it protects us against elements of nature and man, yet we neglect it. There are many skincare products out there but which ones really do their thing to assist our skin in repairing and rejuvenating itself against all these elements.

We all have read the articles and heard the stories about cannabis extract and the wonders it does from a medicinal point of view, so why not use that in skincare products as part of your daily routine? Give your skin all the help it needs and look great at the same time, why not!

Warning Notice

We recommend that you buy a sample products if you are prone to skin allergic reactions as a precaution and rub the products on the soft skin of your upper arm below your biceps and wait 24hours.


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Give your skin the care it deserves.


Does the products make you high because of the cannabinoids?

Not at all. The products are topical (please don’t eat them), and it doesn’t pass through into the bloodstream.

How long does the sample kits lasts?

Roughly a week.

What are the ingredients?

Please visit our shop to see all ingredients by following this link : Leaf420

How long does delivery take?

Between 2 to 4 days via our contracted courier company.

Try Leaf420 and see the results!

We advise that you try a sample kit if you are unsure.
Take an image (selfie) before you start and another one week later and compare for yourself!
Below some images clients send us…